Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I’m completely caught up with my Bloglines account. I’ve looked at all the 70 some blogs I have registered with Bloglines and at least skimmed through most of their posts. My account is “clear” at this very second so NOBODY and I mean NOBODY post anything for about a week, k?

That way, I can get caught up with other stuff in my house besides the blogging.

Ha. Like that is going to happen. But, it does feel pretty cathartic to finally feel “caught up”, at least with that. And I know it won’t last for more than what, 30 seconds or so before SOMEONE, some evil someone decides to post a picture of their kiddo or tell the internet about their day. Curses.

Ya know, if you keep up with reading blogs daily, it really isn’t so bad. But, for some reason, I just can’t seem to do that and I also can’t seem to stop apologizing for not doing so. Someone pass me one of those “blogging without guilt” buttons! Seriously, I hope to keep up with everyone, at least for a while, but I know me and my life and it won’t be long before Mr. Obligation is knocking at my door and more important things take precedence, like oh, my son and that little thing called sleeping.

Speaking of time suckers, two nights ago, I decided to try something out. Internet dating. I won’t lie, I’ve tried internet dating in the past using a variety of services. Met some really nice people and some totally losers too, but I just got burned out on it. I haven’t dated anyone in quite some time so I thought what the heck, why not try it again. So, I am. I’m basically finding out this is another time sucker. Emphasis on the word SUCKER. We shall see how it goes, but the service I’m trying is allowing me to try it for a few days for free. Once I pass the free mark (next week sometime), I’ll then have to pay if I want to continue. And I’m not sure I’m going to. I might. Or I might not.

I am actually having quite a bit of activity on my “profile” so that is a good thing. And I’ve had a couple people email me. I guess I’m just not THAT excited about it because I’ve tried it before and all that emailing and typing and question answering and asking and pouring your heart and soul out and then nothing. Well, it is exhausting. And I guess that is why I haven’t done it in some time. It seems rather futile and hopeless. Same ole people out there (most of them losers) looking for love. BUT on a positive note, there has to be some good men still left out there or so I’m hoping.

And when Brandon’s school starts back and the summer winds down, I doubt I’ll have any free time to keep up with it, but like I said, I may not even join. What about ya’ll out there? Have you ever tried internet dating and if so, did you enjoy it? Have any horror stories or experiences you wish to share, good or bad? I’d love to hear them.

On a final note, I weighed in at WW on Tuesday and I lost another POUND. So, I’ve now lost 4.6 pounds in 2 weeks so that is good! I still am wanting to lose about 13 more pounds ideally (and more if I can) but at least I’m not gaining for now.

P.S. - the picture I posted is totally unrelated to this post. I just feel funny posting without a picture!!! This picture was of the North Carolina countryside on our vacation in June of 2006. I just loved this picture with the red barn and the view from our vista. This was taken with my old Canon, before I got the REbel Xti.


Dee said...

I think it's great that you are looking, be very picky right off the bat, tell the guy what your looking for and only serious men need answer. Tell them your not interested in dating for a year or two and then find out that they don't want a relationship. Well that's what I would do. I know a few people that have found love and marriage on the internet! There's got to be good people out there.....look at us, we're on the internet! :)

Mommy off the Record said...

I know someone who found the love of his life on Craiglist so I know it can happen! They married and are expecting their first child TODAY as a matter of fact.

Anyways, great to hear from you and glad you're doing well. As for blog guilt, I have it big time. It almost makes me not want to post on my blog because I don't visit anyone anymore. In fact, you're probably one of the only blogs I've visited in months. So if you ever feel guilty, just think of me! :)

Rebekah said...

Great picture. I love red barns.

And congrats on the WW. I weigh in today and I think I am down 2... so I am trying not to eat or drink until I weigh in. I have about 13 to go, too.

And good luck with the internet thing. I know a few people that have had luck with it, but I'm sure there are a lot of punks out there.

I still think it would be cool someday if you and my brother could meet- but I think geography will be the obstacle (lol, and the fact that he would probably kill me if I set him up)

have a great day

Kailani said...

I think it's great that you're pursuing all dating options. You never know where you'll find Mr. Right. I have friend who met online and ended up getting married. It can happen!

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