Monday, July 21, 2008

Best Shot Monday

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Here is my Best Shot Monday photo. This was taken in April when I visited the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. I could barely even see this little guy on the flower until I got out my Macro Lens. I just love taking photos with the macro lens as it opens up a whole new world!!

By the way, the watermark on this is my old blog site, which is private (in case you are wondering...)

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Brief synopsis of our weekend:

Brandon arrived home on Friday evening. Yea!!! It was great to see him. This boy of mine, who is now taller than I.

Saturday I started out the morning with an approximately 14 mile bike ride (yeh me!) with a friend of mine. Since I don't think I can fit my bicycle in my car, he came to pick it up in his truck. We saw all manner of wildlife on this ride and it was totally, totally awesome. We saw a herd of wild hogs, a BEAVER crossing the road and swimming in the water, buzzards, geese, deer, a bald eagle, a beautiful full moon and lots of sunflowers. And just pretty scenery. I loved it. OK, so my butt was very sore, but hey, you can't have everything. What a workout. I'm hoping to get to do that really soon. Then, I got home about the time Brandon was waking up and cooked a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon. YUM!

Saturday we ran errands and hung out. Saturday night we went to see The Dark Knight. It was good. WE both enjoyed it. Oh, Friday afternoon I went to see Mama Mia and I loved it. Very cute and great music!

Sunday was church of course and packing up Brandon for his camp. I did make him mow the yard tonight.

Oh, and get this. I cooked a nice dinner tonight (which I seldom do) - chicken fajitas. Homeade pico-de-gallo and homeade flower tortillas along with some very tasty chicken fajita meat I cooked on the grill. I had a bunch of it that I cooked and we ate less than half of it. I had a big chunk of meat left that I was going to use for lunches this week. Yum. I saw WAS.

I come back here to the computer to type up a lovely post for you all, and I hear a clatter in the other room. I thought that Brandon was throwing his dish in the sink, like he is prone to do so I get up to say "put that in the dishwasher" and I realize he isn't in the kitchen at all. My container that had the meat in it is EMPTY. Empty I tell you!! That dog ate the rest of my chicken!! I was so ticked. She got right up on the cabinet and ate it all. GRRRR

On a totally different subject, at church this morning, I lean over to Brandon to ask him something and realize something is amis. What is wrong with this picture?

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Yep, he had his shirt on inside out sitting in the pew in church. I leaned over and whispered to him to let him know. He immediately slipped out and changed. How funny is that? I'm sure the people behind him had noticed and if they were observant, probably noticed that he changed it. oops.


Vered said...

It's a beautiful shot.

I should really get more serious about photography.

Kelly - PTT said...

This is exactly like my son - I call him "backwards boy." He takes it as a personal challenge to never wear any shirt rightside-in or frontwards. ugh!

Christina said...

Wow, what an awesome shot - such detail! I'd love to get a macro lens.

Kara!!! said...

I love nature shots - it is the most beautiful and plentiful place for best shots. Good one!

~ Melody ~ said...

The macro bug shot is awesome. I don't pull out my macro often enough. Thanks for the inspiration.

LOL at the shirt!

Me said...

Love that pic! It's awesome! I'm really wanting to invest in a macro lens but can't justify it when I haven't learnt everything my camera and current lens can do. Haha! :)


Kailani said...

Ha! Even with tags, people wear their shirts inside out. I guess I don't feel so bad now. LOL!

An Island Life

kim said...

Such a cool shot. I would really love to try out a macro lens.

Jaimee said...

Awesome! And, the inside-out T-shirt just makes me laugh as I think about what it will be like when my boys are teenagers some day!

Maggie said...

Holy cow -- if I didn't want a macro lens before, I sure do after seeing your fantastic shots!

And that shirt thing is too funny. I may have been known to do the same thing on occassion...

ALF said...

I am jealous of your macro lens. I am not jealous that the dog ate the leftovers.

Mia's Mama said...

Gotta love a macro lens...until I get one, I'll just enjoy the world through your eyes :)
beautiful detail!

Michelle said...

I know you're happy to have Brandon back home! Too funny about the shirt being inside out though LOL

Rebekah said...

LOL, poor Brandon. And that darn dog, ruining a perfectly good dinner.

Sound like you had a good bike ride, though. Did you ever go out on your lunch date?