Saturday, July 12, 2008

That sounds very fishy......

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OK, the title is corny, but what the heck. These are a few of the fish (Crappie) that my dad and I caught when he took me fishing on Thursday night. Not bad huh? Most of you probably don't know that much about fishing or Crappie, but these are pretty good size for Crappie. They aren't huge fish like Catfish or Bass. Anyway, after I got off work an hour early, we headed straight for the lake so we could have a few hours before dark. I enjoy fishing in the evenings. It tends to be very peaceful.

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True to expectations, it was. It was also very hot. About the time it was getting nice, we had to leave because it was also getting dark. We caught quite a few, but these are the three biggest.

This weekend I'm just trying to get some stuff done. Cleaning, running errands.
On Friday after work, I did go work out. For two hours people!! Or almost. I did a 45 minute cycle class (which I haven't done in quite some time and my bum is feeling it!!) and then a 15 minute abs class and then a 45 minute Body Blast (group weight lifting) class. I was completely spent when I got done with that! But, I'm glad I did it. I am feeling the effects today...I got more sore as the day wore on today.

This morning, it felt GREAT to sleep in. I had to be at the library at 10:00 a.m. to help with book sorting (I volunteer there every now and then) otherwise I might have lay in bed even longer!!! Lexi wanted me to get up though as she was licking my face and jumping on me.

I've been busy today! After working at the library, I went and saw Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was pretty good. It is showing in 3D other places, but not here. I bet it would have been really cool in 3D. I then bummed around Hastings for quite a while, turning in some books for store credit and then spending some of that store credit on some DVDs. I got "Reign Over Me", "Memory", "Evening", "Cold Mountain", "A Good Year", and "Don't Say a Word". They all look good. I would link to all of them, but hey, I'm too lazy.

I also ran some other errands, like taking stuff in my garage to Goodwill (yea, its done!!) and stuff like that. Did the obligatory Walmart run also. Now I'm stocked with groceries.

I'm really trying to get my house clean cause I actually am having guests tomorrow night (Hi Trudy!!!) My friend Trudy and her husband and their son and KATHRYN'S son Isaac are coming over for dinner. I'm having lasagna, salad and bread and probably some type of homeade cookies for dessert. So tonight, I've been cooking and cleaning. Really cleaning. Like scrubbing counter tops and bathrooms and such.

A clean house. Gotta love it. And since Brandon is gone, it will or should stay clean a while. But you know what, I'd chose having him here over a clean house. I miss him :)

He did call me yesterday and he is having fun. They are in Branson right now. Found out that he DOES want to go to our church camp so he comes home on the 18th and then he leaves again on the 21 - 25 for church camp. So...a little longer without him. At least I'll get to see him on the weekend!

Well, I know this post was riveting. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Rebekah said...

When is the fish fry? We'll be over

Robyn said...

Whoa, busy woman! I'm impressed with your fish :)