Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

EDITED *Well, I just got back from dropping him off in Oklahoma (met at a halfway point). All went well. He is so excited to go, which actually makes it easier cause I know he is having a great time. I've been on the road for quite a few hours so I'm pretty tired...and yep, the house sure is quiet. Although tonight, I am so tired I'm not sure I'll notice. Once I lay my head on the pillow, I think I'll be out.
Thanks for your sweet thoughts and hugs :)

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Well ya'll, I'm feeling a bit sad :( Not too bad, but just a little. You see tomorrow, Brandon is going to be with his dad for a couple of weeks (for his summer visit). I know the time will fly and it'll be gone before I know it and he'll be back, I still miss him when he is gone. The house is quiet. Too quiet.

I'll fill my time, I'm sure. But, right after he leaves, the void is just pulsing it is so large. It feels odd. I should be used to it and in many ways I am...but I still miss his company. He is excited to go through and his dad has fun things planned. I think they are going to Indiana (where some of his wife's relatives live) and also to a Six Flags park somewhere. The thing Brandon is most excited about I think is they get to do fireworks! We can't really do them here, but he will get to do them with his dad, so he is pumped!

I will be with my buds this weekend at the lake so this weekend will be busy. Then, of course I'll be working the rest of the time he is gone. I plan to try to get hte house cleaned and get caught up on a few things since I SHOULD theoretically have extra time.

I'll also be trying to work out some because friends, let me tell you. The last few months of indulging myself haven't been kind to me. I went back to Weight Watchers tonight for the first time in a couple of months (actually since April...) and guess what? I've gained 10.5 pounds. TEN AND ONE HALF POUNDS. Lovely. Oh well. I expected it for sure. And I've been eating like crazy for literally months on end...but now it is time to shape up. I don't want to go back where I was (51 pounds ago!!!) so I went back to the meetings tonight. I guess I'm going to try to stick to the program again and start going weekly.

WAAAHHH - I wanna banana caramel sundae!!!! Will power, willpower.

Well, I should sign off. Stay tuned for more vacation pictures.

P.S. - the picture above is one I took of Brandon one evening. He went to bed before I did and I thought he looked so sweet sleeping...awwwwww


Sherry said...

Oh Dana... I feel for you. My kids have only been away from me overnight a couple of times EVER, and it was when I was in the hospital. I couldn't go without them for weeks. No way.

Hmm... that wasn't very encouraging was it?? LOL

Keep yourself busy posting more photos! :)

lampworkgirl said...

Hey Dana,
Enjoy watching whatever you want on tv and eating whatever you want. I totally understand the quiet. He'll be home soon.

Kailani said...

Didn't he just go away for a visit? I don't blame you. I don't know how I would handle not being able to be with my girls constantly. {{hugs}}


Rebekah said...

I hope these next few weeks are productive for you as well as go by fast.

Good that you are back at WW. 10 lbs is much easier to lose than 50.

I have done WW in the past but on-line only. I started going to meetings (weighing in mostly) a few weeks ago. It really helps me stay on track knowing I have to weigh-in