Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is This? - Part 2

If you missed my PREVIOUS POST, check that out and then read this one.

Ok, do you give up? I feel sure most of you already guessed what it is. It is "someone" under my sink, fixing my garbage disposal.

Pretty cool huh?

This person, who shall remain anonymous, was nice enough to volunteer to replace my garbage disposal that went out last week. The one I had has been in the house since I bought it, so I guess it was time. It corroded out and had big holes in it that I discovered when I saw a huge bunch of water pouring out from underneath my sink.

Coincidentally this was the same evening said very nice guy was here having dinner and fixing my ice cube maker. REMEMBER THAT? Now my ice cube maker works perfectly! I am soo thankful I have nice people to help me with my messes!

Oh yea, and good guessing everyone. I loved REBEKAH'S answer the best - ha ha.


AVCR8TEUR said...

Handy men are so cool! What a nice guy. Now you have a working disposal and ice cube maker. What else can he fix?

Amber said...

I saw that and my first thought was, "Is he looking down the middle of a flower?" Errr....not quite. :-)

Rebekah said...

So. How is Mr. Nice Guy?

Big Mama said...

I love your inventiveness with photography. And what a sweet man you have there. Fixin' what's broke! :)

ALF said...

Those are great pictures!