Thursday, August 7, 2008

Continuation of Vacation - a "Beary" Scarey Day - June 20

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OK, so the title is goofy. It wasn't really scarey at all.

Continuation of our trip earlier this summer. We were really hoping to see some bear and we did see a couple in Glacier National Park, but we were always on the lookout for more. So, on this day, we were driving to Blanchard, Idaho (from Glacier) to our condo where we would spend the next week.

As we were driving, my mom shouts "hey, there is a bear in the middle of that field!" So, we turn the van around and drive back by to see if it really was one. She was right.

This is what we saw:

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See the black line looking thing in the middle of the grass. Yep, its a bear!

This next picture gives you a better look at it.

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I must mention there was no shoulder on the road in this particular part of the highway. So, Dad, Brandon and I got out of the van and Amy halfway pulled the van over in the grass. There weren't any cars coming at that time. I got out my zoom lens and started shooting.

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Is that cool or what? my zoom lens really came in handy when this guy decided to stand up in the middle of that field. He was eating something in the field and every now and then, he would stand up and look around at us.

We eventually walked over to a gravel road beside the field and a sheriff's car was siting there also watching the bear. It turned on its siren to show us how that made the bear stand up. It did indeed stand up to see where the noise was coming from. I got some more shots of it. I just thought it was so cool to see it pretty close up (but not so close it could get us). I am loving this 400 mm zoom lens I got!

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We felt we were really lucky to be able to see this bear and get some good shots!

Stay tuned because there are still more nature and travel shots to come.

Oh yea, and Brandon is coming home late Thursday night. They decided to drive back tomorrow all day - they will be here late, but he should be here tomorrow night. I talked to him today and he said the soaring through the trees deal was FANTASTIC. He wants me to come back with him and do it at night!! I would love to go. Maybe we'll be able to go back someday.

*Freezer update - I still haven't tried anyone's suggestions and the shirt is still stuck in the freezer. I do plan to get it out one way or the other. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions.


Meliss said...

Very cool!

Rebekah said...

You had such a fantastic trip. We went into the Smokies while at my moms last month. I was hoping to see a bear, but no such luch

Kailani said...

He's actually pretty cute for a wild bear. Glad you were able to get a photo of him.

An Island Life

AVCR8TEUR said...

What a sight to see! How cool is that to see a bear on the road! Which 400mm lens did you get?

diana said...

great shots. yah, i love having a telephoto, too.

you looking for bears sounds like us looking for moose or eagles while in alaska. there were times we would say, "pull over!" and don would say, "there's no place to pull over!"

i would have loved to have seen bears up there but i knew the chances were pretty slim. there are some in the area where we were but not an abundance of them. we did stop in at a refuge center and i got some great pics (which i'll probably post next week) of the bears but they were behind a fence.

look forward to your next batch of photos.

The Domesticator said...

That is so awesome! My brother lives up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and he is always sending me pics of bears from his back yard. I keep hoping one of these days I get to see one for "real" when I visit.

Great shots, Dana.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

Really gets your adrenaline going when you see them in a natural setting. Great pic's and your Mom has great eyes.