Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Shot Monday - First Day of School - 8th Grade

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Well, let me back up. I took this picture actually on the night BEFORE the first day of school. I had to laugh (and smile inside) cause this is what I saw in Brandon's room. He has a calendar that he has already marked his schedule on, as well as his soccer games and stuff he feels necessary to keep up with. Also, it is lying on top of the clothes he has out to wear to school the next day. I always get my clothes out the night before for the next day. It is one of the anal retentive things I do. I guess he takes after me!

The picture below was what he looked like the morning of the first day of school. We usually take it by the swing in our yard but it was raining pretty hard on the first day so this was the best I could do. You could tell how UNTHRILLED Brandon was to have his picture taken. After all, he is 13!!! AW mom!!! Well heck, at least I didn't try to follow him in the school and take a picture of him in his desk. :)

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Now fast forward to AFTER SCHOOL:

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When I got home from work Wednesday night last week, this is where I found Brandon. Fast asleep in the living room! And yes, I guess it appears he carries that danged gun around with him everywhere.

He said he had a good first day - I guess it wore him out!


Rebekah said...

Poor kid- school can be so exhausting.

PS I lay my clothes out the night before too. Saves so much time in the morning

lampworkgirl said...

My 2 left together for high school today. They let me take pictures of them getting in Zack's truck. BTW Zack works to pay for his truck. That's an option for Brandon in a few years.

Kailani said...

Ok, what's up with him sleeping with that gun? LOL! Is it like a security blanket?

He's getting so big!

An Island Life

Kelsey S said...

Hope he had an awesome first day!


Big Mama said...

Love that Brandon! He sure does look organized. we are sooo your opposites! LOL!
That post previous about health insurance and money matters really moved me. It must be such a stuck feeling when it comes to the health care. You really have to be insured in the States don't you, or you are out on a limb.
Our family will be praying for you guys daily in regards to covering BRandon's needs financially.(Yup, lady, you are going in the Prayer flap book. Do you mind if I print out a black and white pic of the two of you for the flap book, so that Topsy and the kids can have a visual)

Big Mama said...
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singalullaby said...

He is so cute!! 8th grade is a big year.

I always get great photo ideas when I am here!

(My dog's name is Shiloh and my 7 yr-old took that picture :-)) Chrissy

AVCR8TEUR said...

That's funny to count the days before school starts. I used to cross out dates until school ends. I used to take out my clothes the night before school too. It probably saves time of deciding what to wear at the last minute. Maybe Brandon needs a holster so he isn't carrying his pistol all the time. :D