Thursday, June 26, 2008

A quick hello

Just posting to say I likely won't be posting the next few days. We will be home soon and once we are, I'll start posting trip pics. I am really disapointed that I can't upload photos whie here, while I have extra time but for some reason blogger isn't cooperating with me.

It won't let me upload photos. Also, dropshots, which is usually the site I use to upload my photos to (and then I cut and paste the html code for my blog) isn't letting me access my photos either. Weird.

Anyway, stay tuned as I've been going through my photos and I've already picked out a bunch I hope to post. Um, about 150 or so. EEEEKKK.

Until then.....


Me said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the pics! :)


Rebekah said...

cant wait to see pics. Have a safe rest-of-the-trip

exskindiver said...

i enjoyed looking at these pictures while listening to this song.
(and i don't usually enjoy music in blogs since they tend to surprise me and ,make me jump out of my skin, probably since i like to check blogs late at night)
but i digress.
i have been meaning to give you one of my quickie patented phone calls to your work hello.
hello dana.
i meant to say glad to see you are blogging in public again.
i take it to mean whatever spooked you is history.
always good.
sorry about the 10.5
you always inspire me--and i know i don't strugle with weight, but i do struggle with other things.
so your sunshiney smile --it inspires me to just keep on trucking.

cheers dana and brandon.
hope his stay with dad was good, and back to you is always better.
that is not a bad wish is it?