Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am stunned. Just went and picked up a prescription for my migraine medication. Maxalt - 10 mg pills - one in a package and if I have a migraine I have to take one, maybe two. The prescription was for 9 pills - that is the entire px: 9 pills. Know how much they cost for these 9 pills? $182.49!!!! That is over $20 freaking dollars for each pill.


That is what it is. Robbery.

And that is WITH health insurance. Although I do have a deductible for prescriptions so I have to meet my $200 deductible (which is basically what this was...) before it goes to the co-pay. Even then, it isn't cheap. I think my co-pay is $45.00 per px. Although I must say, that definitely beats $182.49!

And the thing is, I need the medication. I can do without it, but if you have ever had a migraine, you would pay whatever you could to take a pill so you don't get one. They are horrible. And I'm lucky. What if I were a senior citizen or someone on a fixed income. I just think it is horrible that medications and things we need for our health can be so out of reach...

I am just disgusted with healthcare and the price of stuff. It is so out of hand.

This is my rant for today!


Me said...

That's extreme! We at least have a government subsidy here on prescriptions but usually find myself handing out $100 because my scripts will all be due at once. My doctor prescribed a one off dose of something once and it was $30 for 1 pill after the subsidy. It didn't work and she decided I need to be on it every day for 3 months. $30 per pill! Luckily she was granted special permission for me to get them at $30 per pack of 30. And they still didn't work!


Kailani said...

Yikes! Can you imagine if you didn't have insurance?

When I was pregnant I had to take Zolfran which also cost $20/pill. And I had to take one every 8 hours!!!

Glad your blog is public again!


Rebekah said...

But even still- that is a lot of money for ONE pill!

Meliss said...

I'm sorry! Migraines are awful without having sticker shock as well.

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I just posted a Works for Me post (2nd one down) that might give you a start on customizing your template. I'll post more ideas later if you like...