Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why Yes Mr. Clinton

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Is that not hilarious? The mask is a pretty good likeness no? We were in Hasting this weekend and Brandon begged me for this mask. I finally relented because I thought it was pretty funny. They had a Hilary one too which I almost bought. I thought it would be funny if Brandon and I went as Bill and Hillary to something for Halloween...but I only got the Bill one. And in case you are wondering, I don't really care for either one of them but I do like the mask.

Brandon has really made me laugh this weekend with that thing. He has also scared the FIRE out of me with that. Let me tell you, if you aren't expecting it, and you round a corner and see THAT face, it would scare you too. :) He has been teasing Lexi with it too. It is pretty funny to see her reaction when he has that mask on. She was growling at it pretty fiercely. She doesn't like Bill Clinton either. They say dogs are a pretty good judge of character... ha ha

This weekend was spent trying to get caught up on household "stuff". Oh yea, and I figured it was time for a movie too so Friday I went and saw "Righteous Kill" with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. Really good movie! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday we finally got some of the rain and wind from Hurricane Ike. They projected the Dallas area would get bad rains and wind, but we really didn't get anything that severe. It was just really rainy and not that much wind. I'm glad we were spared, but I do feel for all those in Houston/Galveston, etc. that have lost everything. Very sad.

Oh and this weekend I started watching some videos that I've had for FOREVER. 24! Have any of you ever watched that series? Well, I never have though I have several friends who love it and follow it. Well, I have Season One on DVD but have never watched it. My friend Karen has told me for the past year or two - to watch an episode and "you'll be hooked!" Well, she was right. I have now watched 3 episodes and I'm thinking about watching more tonight before I go to bed. It is a guilty pleasure. You just can't take your eyes off the show. Anyway, I'd be curious to know if any of ya'll have watched it or like it.

I'll leave you with some more lovely pictures of Brandon clowning around...hrrmmm - I mean Bill, clowning around.

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Oh and in case you ever wondered what Bill Clinton would look like if he picked his nose......

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And then ate it.....

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Well be curious no more! Now you know!!!


Meliss said...

That mask is downright scary!

Yes, I've watched 24. The first season is the best. We stayed up way too late many a night, because it was so addictive. You just have to know what happens next!

Rebekah said...

heehee- silly Brandon. I watched a re-run of 24 once- and was very aggravated when the show was over without letting me know what happened. I wasn't able to watch it the next day so I just gave up

Big Mama said...

Good one Brandon!!!

diana said...

great mask!

oh yah... i'm a huge fan of 24. i've watched every season, except the last one, on dvd. we would watch 1,2,3, [or more] episodes in one sitting. we were greatly disappointed that this last season was cancelled and can't wait for it to restart in january.

Robyn said...

LOL, what a funny boy you have :)
I've never watched 24 but only heard good things about it. Enjoy!

AVCR8TEUR said...

Brandon's a regular comedian. I love 24! I never miss an episode. You have lots of watching to do to catch up.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

What a great Halloween mask. It would certainly scare all the little girls off the street. I have not watched 24 for a long time. I grow tired of shows that seem to never have an ending. That is why I lost interest in Lost and probably will not get into Fringe. Hey, is that hurricane bothering you in any way?

ALF said...

That would totally scare the crap out of me if I came around the corner and wasn't expecting it.